White noise machines have become an essential tool for many parents, as they can help soothe babies and create a calming sleep environment.

The gentle, constant background noise masks disruptive sounds that may startle a baby awake, allowing them to drift off more easily and sleep more soundly. In addition, using white noise machines during naps and bedtime can establish a consistent sleep routine, which is crucial for babies’ development and overall well-being.

White noise machines designed specifically for babies offer a variety of features, catering to the differing needs and preferences of both parents and their little ones.

Some models include an array of sound options such as lullabies, nature sounds, and heartbeat simulations, all aiming to provide the ideal relaxation experience for your baby. Furthermore, these machines often come equipped with timers, adjustable volume controls, and portable designs for flexibility in use.

When selecting the best white noise machine for your baby, it’s important to consider factors such as sound quality, ease of use, safety, and durability. Materials used should be non-toxic and robust enough to withstand daily use, while also being easy to clean.

The volume settings should offer a safe range to protect your baby’s sensitive ears. Additionally, user-friendly controls and the ability to easily replace or recharge batteries are key features to look for.

Also see our free baby sleep sound videos on YouTube here.

In pursuit of the perfect sleep solution for your little one, we have meticulously researched and tested a wide range of white noise machines specifically tailored for babies. Our selections prioritize safety, reliability, and effectiveness, to ensure you choose a device that will provide a peaceful and soothing atmosphere for your baby’s rest.

Our Top Recommendations:

We have gathered a list of the best white noise machines that will help soothe your baby and create a calming environment for them.

1. Hatch Restore 2 Sunrise Alarm Clock (Best Overall)

Hatch Restore 2

A must-have white noise machine for better sleep, incorporating modern technology, and an impressive design.


  • Excellent sound quality for white noise and nature sounds
  • Built-in sunrise wake-up function for a gentle alarm
  • Exclusive, stylish look perfect for any bedroom


  • Clock not constantly visible without tapping
  • Requires Wi-Fi and Bluetooth for setup and customization
  • Hatch Membership needed for expanded content (extra cost)

Our experience with the Hatch Restore 2 has been overwhelmingly positive, especially for sleep improvement. With a range of white noise and nature sounds available, it effectively drowns out distractions, allowing for deep, restful sleep. The sound quality is impressive, making the experience quite immersive.

We also found the built-in sunrise wake-up function to be a life-changer. Instead of the usual jarring alarms, it eases us into waking up by simulating a natural sunrise. It’s a pleasant way to start the day, making mornings less of a struggle.

The design of the Hatch Restore 2 is exclusive and modern, making it a great addition to any bedside table. It’s available in three soothing natural colors that blend seamlessly with bedroom décor. One small downside is that the clock display is not constantly visible. However, you can tap anywhere on the device to check the time, which does help to minimize sleep disruptions.

The setup and customization of the Hatch Restore 2 require Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, which might be a minor inconvenience for some. We didn’t find this to be a significant drawback, as once set up, the device can be easily controlled with the single button for sleepy hands.

For those seeking more content like meditations, sleep stories, and soundscapes, a Hatch Membership is available at an extra cost.

Overall, we wholeheartedly recommend the Hatch Restore 2 as the white noise machine we personally use. Its combination of modern functionality, high-quality sound, and stylish design help to provide a better sleep experience.

2. Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine, Night Light (2nd Gen) (Best With Phone App)

Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine

A versatile and helpful product for soothing your baby, utilizing new features, and app customization.


  • High-quality sound machine
  • Smart night light with various colors
  • Time-to-rise and sleep training features


  • Slightly expensive
  • Connectivity issues in some cases
  • Limited content without subscription

The Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine (2nd Gen) has been a game-changer for our nightly routines. The sound machine is Wi-Fi-enabled and offers a wide range of soothing sounds, including white noise, ocean, wind, fan, and lullabies.

We particularly liked the ocean sound, which provides consistent noise without being too harsh. The free trial included with the Hatch Sleep Membership gives you an option to expand your sound library with bedtime stories, classic music tunes, and more expertly curated sleep content.

The smart night light is a bonus, with infinite custom color options, making it perfect for boys or girls. We found that the soft glow from the nightlight was just right for providing enough light for nighttime feedings without waking up the baby too much. Plus, the fun colors gave us the chance to personalize our little one’s space.

One of our favorite features is the time-to-rise and time-for-bed programming. By programming the color and sound, we can teach our early riser when to stay in bed and when it’s okay to wake up. It has helped establish a routine for winding down and waking up, making our days more predictable and manageable.

We really appreciate the ability to control the device via an app on our smartphones. The app allows us to adjust settings and set timers remotely. However, we found that connectivity could be spotty at times, and having to reconnect the device to Wi-Fi was a bit of a hassle.

The Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine offers a lot of great features and functionality, but we found the price to be on the higher side. Additionally, to access the full range of content, you’ll need a Hatch Sleep Membership, which could feel limiting to some.

Overall, this product has significantly improved our night routines, and its range of features, customizable options, and ease of use certainly make a difference. If you’re looking to invest in a high-quality white noise machine for your baby, we highly recommend the Hatch Rest Baby Sound Machine.

3. Bubzi Co Baby Soother (Best Sound Responsive and Baby Friendly)

Bubzi Co Baby Soother

We highly recommend the Bubzi Co Baby Soother for its impressive features and baby-friendly design, making it a great choice for parents looking to soothe their little ones to sleep.


  • Cry activated sensor
  • 20 soothing sounds
  • Engaging rotating galaxy lights


  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (included)
  • Sound may be too quiet for some
  • Limited song variety

The Bubzi Co Baby Soother quickly became a favorite in our household. Its cry activated sensor provided peace of mind, as we knew that the soothing sounds and accompanying galaxy lights would automatically turn on when our baby cried. This feature not only helped our baby fall back to sleep faster but also allowed us to get a good night’s rest.

In addition to its automatic activation, the Bubzi Co Baby Soother offers 20 soothing sounds, including calming lullabies, soothing bird songs, and even a mama’s heartbeat sound. We especially appreciated the gentle night light that projected captivating, fading constellations on walls and ceilings. This kept our baby content and engaged, even when it wasn’t bedtime. The 30-minute auto-stop feature ensures the soother isn’t running all night and helps conserve battery life.

Although the Bubzi Co Baby Soother worked well for us overall, we did find a few drawbacks. The sound, while soothing, could be too quiet for some babies, even at its loudest setting. Additionally, we would have liked a more extensive variety of songs to keep our baby engaged for longer periods. However, these minor issues didn’t overshadow the usefulness and effectiveness of the product.

Ultimately, the Bubzi Co Baby Soother is an excellent purchase for parents seeking a baby-friendly sleep aid. With its cry activated sensor, soothing sounds, and engaging galaxy lights, your baby will be captivated and calmed, leading to a better night’s sleep for all.

4. Housbay White Noise Machine (Best Design and Loudspeaker)

Housbay White Noise Machine

The Housbay White Noise Machine is a must-have for anyone looking to improve their baby’s sleep, thanks to its variety of soothing sounds and excellent sound quality.


  • Impressive sound quality with a powerful 5W loudspeaker
  • Wide range of 31 soothing sounds
  • Attractive wood grain design


  • No built-in rechargeable battery
  • Sound volume consistency may vary between devices
  • Limited timer options

We recently tried the Housbay White Noise Machine, and it exceeded our expectations. The powerful 5W loudspeaker provides excellent sound quality, filling the room with robust bass and offering a customizable sleep environment by masking disruptive noises.

The variety of sounds included is impressive, offering a total of 31 soothing options such as white noise, fan sounds, and nature sounds. Moreover, the wood grain design looks classy in any nursery or bedroom, adding a touch of elegance to a typically simple device.

Although we loved the design and sound quality, there were some aspects that could be improved. Firstly, the Housbay White Noise Machine lacks a built-in rechargeable battery, limiting its portability. However, it can be powered by AC or any common USB port. Secondly, some users noted that the volume consistency varies between devices. And lastly, while the machine offers a customizable auto-off timer, the available options are limited.

Nonetheless, the Housbay White Noise Machine stands out as an excellent investment for those seeking a practical yet stylish solution for better sleep. Its powerful loudspeaker and diverse sound options make it a must-have for parents looking to soothe their babies, while its attractive design ensures it fits seamlessly into any room.

5. SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine (Best Real Fan Option)

SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine

The SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine is a worthwhile purchase for those seeking an effective solution to help their baby sleep better.


  • Real fan for non-looping white noise
  • Travel-friendly design
  • App-based remote control and customization


  • No built-in battery for cordless use
  • App functionality may not be intuitive for some users
  • Price may be slightly high compared to competitors

We recently tested the SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine and were impressed with its unique design and features. Unlike many other white noise machines, this one uses a real fan, which creates a non-looping and natural white noise sound. This aspect greatly helps in calming our baby and promoting a peaceful night’s rest.

The portable design of the SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine is another advantage, particularly for families on the go. Taking it on trips or using it in different rooms is fairly simple, and it doesn’t take up much space. However, one minor disadvantage is that it doesn’t have a built-in battery, which means it always requires access to a power outlet.

One notable standout feature is the optional companion app. This app allows for remote control, customizations such as volume and tone adjustments, and a programmable on/off scheduling timer, which can be quite helpful. However, some users might find it challenging to navigate, but it’s worth trying to get the most out of this product.

In conclusion, the SNOOZ Smart White Noise Machine is an impressive product that delivers comfortable, natural white noise to help babies and adults alike sleep better. The app-based features provide added customization and control. While the price may be higher compared to other white noise machines on the market, its unique combination of real fan technology and app-based adjustments make it a worthy consideration for families seeking a reliable sleep solution.

6. Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine Baby (Best option with night light)

Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine Baby

The Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine is a great investment for creating a soothing sleep environment for babies and adults alike.


  • High fidelity with 24 loop-less sounds
  • Warm night light for comfort
  • Effective noise masking in multiple scenes


  • No battery option, must be plugged in
  • Some users reported issues with certain sounds
  • Only three timer options: 30, 60, 90 minutes

We had the chance to use the Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine for a baby’s room and were quite impressed with it. The 24 high-fidelity, loop-less sounds provided ample choices to find the perfect white noise that the baby enjoyed. The sound selection includes 7 white noise sounds, 7 fan sounds, and 10 relaxing natural sounds such as rain, sea waves, and lullabies to suit individual preferences.

The built-in warm night light is perfect for nighttime feedings and offers just the right amount of brightness to avoid disrupting the baby’s sleep. The night light also helps older children feel secure as they transition to big kid rooms.

This sound machine isn’t just limited to home use; it’s perfect for the office environment as well. The sleek design and adjustable volume levels allow for noise masking to protect speech privacy or even for taking a focused power nap without disturbing others.

As for drawbacks, the Dreamegg D1 does not have a battery option, meaning it needs to be plugged in constantly to function. Some users also reported issues with certain sounds, such as the cricket sound. Lastly, the timer options are limited to 30, 60, and 90 minutes, which might not suit everyone’s needs.

In conclusion, the Dreamegg D1 Sound Machine is a versatile and efficient white noise machine that is suitable for both home and office use. Its high-fidelity sounds, comforting night light, and sleek design make it a great buy for improving sleep quality in babies and adults.

7. Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Machine (Best Portable Option)

Yogasleep Hushh

The Yogasleep Hushh is an excellent portable white noise sound machine that we highly recommend for any parent seeking a reliable sleep aid for their child.


  • Effective noise-masking with 3 soothing sounds
  • Compact and portable with a baby-safe clip
  • Simple to use and child-safe


  • Limited sound variety compared to larger machines
  • Requires recharging after about 6 hours of use
  • LED night light may not suit everyone’s preferences

We recently tested the Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Sound Machine for our baby, and we have to say it is a game-changer. With its compact size and easy-to-use interface, this device has become an essential part of our baby’s sleep routine. The rush of air sound it produces is very similar to what we experienced with larger white noise machines, effectively drowning out any disturbances that could disrupt our baby’s sleep.

The Hushh is a perfect option for parents on-the-go, especially since it features a baby-safe clip that can attach to a stroller, car seat, or crib. We found that this came in handy during our travels when we wanted our baby to sleep comfortably in a noisy environment or unfamiliar place. Not only did it provide a consistent soothing sound throughout naptime, but it also reassured us in knowing our baby experienced better sleep.

One trade-off for the Hushh’s portable design is that it features fewer sound options compared to larger models. However, we found the three available sounds (bright white noise, deep white noise, and gentle surf) to be more than enough in catering to our baby’s needs. Moreover, the device needs recharging after around six hours of use, but that was not a major issue for us since it came with a USB cable for easy charging.

In conclusion, we believe the Yogasleep Hushh Portable White Noise Sound Machine is an excellent investment for parents seeking an effective and convenient sleep aid for their baby. Its compact, child-safe design and ability to block out disruptive noises make this device perfect for home use and travel alike.

8. Magicteam Sound Machine White Noise Machine (Best Simple Budget Option)

Magicteam Sound Machine

We recommend the Magicteam Sound Machine as an affordable and versatile sleep aid for babies.


  • Multiple non-looping sleep sounds
  • Precise volume and timer settings
  • Unique and portable design


  • Might not be loud enough for louder environments
  • Controls not very intuitive
  • Not as durable as other options

Having used the Magicteam Sound Machine ourselves, we found that it offers an impressive selection of 20 non-looping sleep sounds, including white noise, brown noise, and various nature sounds. This variety can create a soothing environment for babies as well as adults.

The volume control on this sound machine is quite precise, offering 32 levels of volume. Combined with its timer settings (1 to 5 hours or continuous play), we found that it can be customized to suit various sleep environment preferences. The solid-state design of the machine makes it portable and easy to use both at home and while traveling.

On the downside, the controls may not be as intuitive as some other sound machines. However, once familiar with the controls, the machine is easy to operate. Another potential drawback is the machine’s durability. We found that it might not be able to withstand rough handling or accidental drops.

Despite these minor drawbacks, we still believe that the Magicteam Sound Machine is a good budget option. It holds its own as a best seller on Amazon, and its ability to be powered by any USB power source, such as a power bank, adds to its versatility. Overall, we consider it a reliable choice for a reasonable price that can enhance sleep quality for babies and adults alike.

9. Momcozy Baby Sound Machine (Best Budget App Controlled Version)

Momcozy Baby Sound Machine

The Momcozy Baby Sound Machine is a solid choice for parents seeking to improve their baby’s sleep with soothing sounds and a comforting night light.


  • Variety of 34 high-fidelity sounds
  • Adjustable night light with 7 colors
  • App remote control for convenience


  • Only compatible with 2.4G Wi-Fi networks
  • Touch sensor might be irresistible for toddlers
  • Cord may occasionally fall out

We have found the Momcozy Baby Sound Machine to be particularly helpful in creating a soothing sleep environment for our babies. The 34 different sound options (including white noise, fan sounds, lullabies, and nature sounds) provide a versatile and customizable experience to suit any baby’s preferences.

The adjustable nightlight feature is a major plus, as it offers just the right amount of soft illumination for late-night diaper changes without disrupting our little one’s sleep. The seven different color options also add an element of fun and can aid in setting a calming atmosphere.

We appreciate the convenience of being able to control the device remotely through the companion app. However, it’s important to note that the machine is only compatible with 2.4G Wi-Fi networks, which may be a limitation for some users. Additionally, the touch sensor may prove to be a bit too tempting for curious toddlers and could potentially become a distraction during nap times.

Overall, the Momcozy Baby Sound Machine is an excellent choice for parents who are looking to improve their baby’s sleep experience. The wide range of sounds, adjustable night light, and app remote control make it a user-friendly and versatile addition to any nursery.

10. Brown Noise Sound Machine with 30 Soothing Sounds (Best Sound Diversity)

Brown Noise Sound Machine

The Brown Noise Sound Machine is a versatile and user-friendly option for anyone seeking better sleep for themselves or their baby.


  • 30 soothing sounds, including brown and pink noise
  • 12 light colors and 10 adjustable levels for night light
  • User-friendly with memory function


  • Lacks battery backup
  • No Bluetooth
  • Relatively unknown brand

We were impressed with the Brown Noise Sound Machine’s variety of sound options. With 30 sounds to choose from, it easily catered to our preferences and provided a soothing sleep environment for our baby. The brown and pink noise options were a pleasant surprise, as we found them to be particularly effective in masking unwanted sounds.

The built-in night light offers 12 color options, allowing us to create a tailored atmosphere for sleep or nighttime feedings. The adjustable lighting levels were an added bonus, ensuring that the light was not too harsh on our baby’s eyes. However, we did wish that it had a battery backup to keep the device working during any power outages or for more convenient portability.

The memory function of the Brown Noise Sound Machine is quite user-friendly. We didn’t have to reset it to our previous settings every time we used it – it simply remembered our preferences. On the downside, the lack of Bluetooth functionality may be a dealbreaker for some, but we found it to be a minor inconvenience.

Overall, we believe the Brown Noise Sound Machine is a reliable choice for those in need of a white noise device. With a wide range of sound options, customizable night light, and a practical memory function, it provides flexibility and customization to suit any individual preferences. While it may not be a well-known brand and lacks Bluetooth capability, we believe the benefits far outweigh any minor drawbacks.

11. Homedics SoundSleep White Noise Sound Machine (Best For Sharing with Parents)

Homedics SoundSleep White Noise Sound Machine

We highly recommend the Homedics SoundSleep White Noise Sound Machine for a peaceful sleep experience for babies and parents alike with its variety of soothing nature sounds in a compact and travel-friendly design.


  • 6 relaxing nature sounds for a soothing sleep experience
  • Compact and portable design, perfect for travel
  • Easy-to-use timer options for auto-off (15, 30, or 60 minutes)


  • Volume control knob can be difficult to grasp
  • Limited sound variety compared to other models
  • On and off volume switch may not last long-term

We recently used the Homedics SoundSleep White Noise Sound Machine, and we found the variety of soothing nature sounds, including white noise, thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, and brook, to be perfect for helping babies fall asleep and stay asleep longer. It quickly became an essential part of our baby’s sleep routine.

This compact and portable sound machine easily fits into a purse, bag, or suitcase making it a convenient travel companion. We especially appreciated the convenience of having both wall outlet adapter and battery operation options, which ensured a consistent sound experience for our baby even during power outages.

However, some drawbacks were noted during our usage. The volume control knob’s design proved to be a bit challenging to grasp, and we noticed a limited variety of sounds compared to other white noise machines. Also, we found out that the on and off volume switch might not have a lasting lifespan, which can be a concern for some users.

Overall, the Homedics SoundSleep White Noise Sound Machine offers a simple and timeless design with only the necessary features, catering to the needs of those seeking a reliable, affordable, and travel-friendly baby sleep aid. But, the timer options might not be ideal for everyone and the volume control design could use improvement. Nevertheless, we are confident that this sound machine will be a valuable addition to your baby’s sleep routine.

Buying Guide – Which White Noise Machine is Right For You?

As parents, we understand how important it is to provide a soothing environment for our babies to sleep well. White noise machines can be a valuable addition to your baby’s nursery. In this buying guide, we’ll go over the key factors to consider when choosing the best white noise machine for your baby.

Speaker quality plays a crucial role in the effectiveness of the white noise machine. A high-quality speaker ensures that the sound produced is clear and has minimal distortion. Additionally, a machine with good speaker quality is likely to last longer.

Sound level adjustment is another essential feature to look for. Our babies have different needs and preferences, so it’s crucial to have a machine that allows us to adjust the volume according to the situation and your baby’s comfort level.

The power source is also worth considering. Some white noise machines are battery-powered, while others require a wall outlet. Battery-powered machines offer more portability, but you’ll need to replace the batteries regularly. On the other hand, a machine that plugs into the wall ensures continuous operation without the worry of changing batteries.

Different types of noise like white, brown, and pink can be helpful for different sleep situations. Each one has unique characteristics and can serve different purposes.

For instance, white noise is even across all frequencies and can mask other sounds effectively. Brown noise is deeper and more soothing for some, and pink noise is a happy medium between white and brown. A machine that offers multiple noise options allows you to find the best fit for your baby.

Timer interval options can be helpful in creating a customized sleep routine for your baby. Some machines offer timers that allow you to set the duration of the noise, while others have preset options.

A cry or sound activation feature can automatically turn on the white noise machine when your baby starts crying or becomes unsettled. This can be especially helpful during the night when you want to help soothe your baby back to sleep without disruption.

Having a white noise machine with clock functionality can be an added convenience, especially if you’re using it in the nursery. You won’t need an additional clock, and some models offer sleep timers that correlate with the clock function.

Finally, consider the additional features like night light and wake-up light functions. These can provide subtle lighting in the nursery, making it easier for you to check on your baby without disturbing their sleep. Additionally, wake-up light functions can help establish a natural sleep and wake cycle for your baby.

By keeping these factors in mind, you can choose the best white noise machine that meets your baby’s needs and supports a healthy sleep environment.